About UACJ Marketing & Processing

UACJ Marketing & Processing as a member corporation of the UACJ Group handles aluminum and copper, ranging from raw materials to processed products.
In response to customer requests, we coordinate the customers with raw material suppliers and processing manufacturers, thus promoting the customers’ product improvement and development.
We are deploying our business in Japan as well as overseas centered on North America.

Strength 1

We have a wide variety of procurement and processing sources, including the UACJ Group, to respond to customers’ various requests.

We handle a wide range of products (e.g., as aluminum and copper materials, processed products, casting products, forging products) and respond to customers’ needs with fine services, including proposals for the miniaturization, weight reduction, and improved performance of finished products, development of prototypes, and response to customers’ overseas deployment.

Strength 2

We support high-quality production with our time-proven slit processing experience and technology.

We support customers with unique high-precision slit processing technology of high quality.
Furthermore, we have a consistent network of material procurement, storage, delivery, and import and export arrangements, thus responding to customers’ various requests, ranging from prototype production through to small and mass production.

Strength 3

We make full use of our global network to respond to local needs.

Our North American subsidiary (UACJ Trading & Processing America Inc.) has Japanese local staff members to provide customers’ business with support from a global perspective, ranging from material supply to processed product delivery. Furthermore, we respond to each need on a country-by-country and region-by-region basis in collaboration with UACJ Group corporation that are expanding to other countries and regions, including Europe, Southeast Asia, and China.

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